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Not many people know this about me, but being an entrepreneur is in my blood. My mother and father invested everything they had into launching their own business. They immigrated from Ukraine and opened a small jewelry and antique store that stood at the corner of Queen and Church in Toronto for almost two decades. I spent most of my childhood behind the counter, uncovering what would become a life-long love for vintage treasures while learning about the passion and dedication it takes to run a small business. It breaks my heart to see so many indie brands that breathe culture, beauty, economic freedom, creativity, and life into our city being choked out by vapid billionaire-run conglomerates who shall remain Bezos… I mean nameless.

Pre-COVID I did most of my holiday shopping at artisan markets like Bazaar of the Bizarre because they feature artistic, alternative, and unique gifts from local vendors. This year, the reality of ‘buy small’ or ‘bye small’ really hit home. I originally put up a post asking for a few indie brands to feature in a holiday gift guide. The response was so overwhelming that it inspired me to put together this directory of Canadian small businesses that you can bookmark and reference all year long. You’ll find items in the realms of art, design, cannabis culture, accessories, home decor, food and drink, natural, beauty, wellness, fashion and more as the list grows. So check back whenever you need to find that perfect something. Do you know an indie brand that should be featured? Contact me with a brief description of what they do, their website, and Instagram links.

Shop ♥ Indie

The Honey Canadian Small Business Guide

Alexandra Votsis: Photography prints | Web | IG

Betina C. Koche: Original art, calligraphy, lettering, cards, prints, stickers, pins, earrings | Web | IG

Bridget Brummel: Fine art, impressionist paintings, natural photography, custom furniture | Web | IG

Craftwitch Stitch: Non-binary, queer, and neuro-atypical artist making craftwork, embroidery, cross-stitch, and knits | Web | IG

EC Mazur: Original art, print, and commissions | Web | IG

Elevated Adornment: Tattoos, piercings, body jewelry | Web | IG

Emily Hall: Illustration, Simpsons portraits, pet portraits | Web | IG

Emily Pope: Prints, apparel, and paintings | Web | IG

Enamory: Art prints, photography, illustration, design | Web | IG

Ephemera Atelier: Craft ornaments, wreaths | Web | IG

Flamingo Market: Online Marketplace for LGBTQ2SIA+ artists and entrepreneurs | Web | IG

Gifted Bodies: Custom portraits, pet portraits, prints, macrame wall hangings, and plant hangers | Web | IG

Hannah Kaplan: Abstract art | Web | IG

Kristina Simpson: Original artwork and prints | Web | IG

Kuration Gallery: Curated online gallery featuring original art from Canadian artists | Web | IG

Little Oak & Co: Handwoven fibre art | Web | IG

Moon Sign Supplies: Astrology-inspired notebooks, pencil cases | Web | IG

Noctis Resin: Resin art | Web | IG

Oliver Stockley: Cards and pet portraits | Web | IG

Pink Banana Sparkles: Handmade NSFW ornaments, earrings, and magnets | Web | IG

Pink Market: Queer craft, art, fashion market | Web | IG

Print Nest Pet Portraits: Digitally illustrated portraits using photos you cherish most | Web | IG

Rina Kaz Art: Fine art, digital pet and family portraits, LGBTQ art | Web | IG

Sebby Confetti: Artist-made stationary, books, pins, stickers, apparel | Web | IG

Stay Fat: Fat positive apparel, art, stationery | Web | IG

The Envision: Holiday wreaths, floral arrangements | Web | IG

Voetry: Artist made prints, mugs, bags | Web | IG

The Honey Indie Brands Canadian Small Business Guide: Cannabis Culture

Acapulco Gold: Affordable, luxury cannabis jewelry | Web | IG

Cannaboost Elixirs: Small batch THC and CBD infused food and beverage concoctions | Web

Pleasure Peaks: Cannabis and sexual health products and services | Web | IG

Pretty Dope Accessories: Feminine cannabis accessories, rolling kits | Web | IG

Sofa King Good Bakery: Tasty treats, infused snacks, and edibles | Web | IG

Accessories by Talia: Fashion accessories | Web | IG

Bella Accessories: Polymer clay accessories | Web | IG

Cassandra Moy: Handmade bags and accessories | Web | IG

Deez Knotz: Knitted scarves, headwear, scrunchies, crochet patterns | Web | IG

Dustland Designs: Accessories and adornments, raw crystals, geodes, pearls, copper and leather | Web | IG

Hanako Collective: Unique, handmade, affordable polymer clay jewelry | Web | IG

Handmade Revolution: Unique handcrafted jewelry and medieval reproductions that nurture self-expression | Web | IG

Heightening Awareness: Pendants made with 100% natural and ethically sourced gemstones | Web | IG

HenHen: Eco-friendly dog accessories | Web | IG

House of ell: Vintage & up-cycled jewelry | Web | IG

Jewelust: Artful pieces of fine jewelry with a passion for equality, sustainability, and a deeply creative spirit | Web | IG

Jool: Upcycled, vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories | Web | IG

Just Because Accessories: Masks, affordable accessories, and jewelry | Web | IG

Lambshead Studio: Art and leather goods | Web | IG

L’amour-propre: Queer & sex positive accessories, leather, pins, ornaments, masks | Web | IG

Little Sisters Design Co: Fabric pouches, mask lanyards, custom bracelets, scrunchies | Web | IG

Quill and Quartz: Crystals and jewelry | Web | IG

Virtue & Valour: NSFW fetish-inspired accessories | Web | IG

Weak Wrists Creative: Handcrafted jewelry | Web | IG

Bad Dad Tea: Organically sourced, fair-trade teas and unique novelTEA gifts | Web | IG

Cole’s Kitchen: Kitchen kits & goods | Web | IG

Cup of Te: Tea and tea accessories | Web | IG

Good Morrow Coffee: Ethically sourced coffee | Web | IG

Holy Cannoli: Fresh filled cannoli | Web | IG

No.7 Hot Sauce: Hot sauce | Web | IG

Phancy Bodega: Locally-sourced holiday gift baskets | Web | IG

Present Day: Gift Boxes with modern, local, and artisan goods | Web | IG

Rhea Artisan Chocolate: Artisan chocolate| Web | IG

Spark Plug Coffee: Coffee | Web | IG

Sweets That Sparkle: Sweets | Web | IG

Euclid Creative: Homemade planters and decor | Web | IG

Fractal Effects: Glassware, home fragrance | Web | IG

Got Wifi? Lets guests connect to wifi by tapping their phone; without long or complicated passwords! | Web | IG

Homebody Collective: Concrete planters, ceramics, macrame | Web | IG

Lunar Love: Candles | Web | IG

Pretty By Her: Candles, mugs, cards | Web | IG

Roses and Candles: Candles | Web | IG

Sara’s Soaps and Candles: Soaps and candles | Web | IG

Sourced and Salvaged: Candles | Web | IG

Studio Eeuwes: Handwoven cushions | Web | IG

Big beer soap company: Soaps made with local craft beer | Web | IG

Clionadh Cosmetics: Cosmetics | Web | IG

Hair Love: Hair care and accessories | Web | IG

Kingdom Cosmetics: Cosmetics | Web | IG

My Affirmation Kit: Affirmation and vision board kits | Web | IG

Please Notes: Affirmation-filled guided journals, mirror decals, water bottle labels and more | Web

Urb&body: Natural skincare products | Web | IG

Wild Dreamer: Stand up paddle board classes, yoga mat spray, tapestries | Web | IG

Ardent Earth: Eco-consicous home & body | Web | IG

Love Your Mother Boutique: Eco-forward, locally sourced home goods store | Web | IG

Ojibway Natural: Indigenous-Woman run business specializing in handmade home and body products | Web | IG

SOOALA: Eco-friendly products from Madagascar: bags, accessories, home decor, jewelry, clean skincare | Web | IG

House of Sass & Magic: Locally made clothing for humans that live a fantastical life, challenge the status quo & dont give a f*%k | Web | IG

Kaufen apparel: Alternative apparel | Web | IG

Peruve it: Peruve It is a lifestyle and clothing brand with the goal of sharing the unique styles, vibrant colours and rich traditions of the Peruvian people | Web | IG

Weareone: Local artist who creates sustainable and biodegradable artistic yoga mats and apparel | Web | IG

WeaRVolutionTO: BLM-related and Indigenous-focused apparel | Web | IG

Know an independent Canadian small business that should be included? Contact me with a brief description of what they do, their website, and Instagram links. I hope you enjoyed the list and remember if you can, Shop <3 Indie.

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