Credentials, please.

Social media marketing has been my specialty for over 10 years. I’ve won awards for it and achieved great results for the brands I’ve worked with. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, having launched several successful businesses, including a disruptive concept that took Toronto’s entertainment industry by storm. Throughout my marketing career, I’ve worked with all kinds of brands, from entrepreneurs and startups to marketing agencies, national events, alcohol brands, CPG, creatives, musicians, and nonprofits. I have a diploma in Hospitality Management and a Bachelor of Public Relations degree from Humber College, both of which I earned with honours. I was also named Top 40 Under 40 by PR in Canada. My most recent corporate role was leading social media, content marketing, and brand management as a Sr. Manager at PC Financial. Currently, you can find me working with select clients to help them power up their marketing.

Once upon a time

After launching my first business, I became fascinated with social sharing. I’m not talking about Ubering your car and AirBNBing your house. I’m talking about why you share the little things, like telling your book club about that cool restaurant you tried or posting that selfie on Instagram. I asked myself why… why does some information get shared like wildfire while some barely engages anyone? That’s when I uncovered something mind-blowing.

I discovered that there are clear reasons why people share content online. There is a formula that brands (both big and small) can harness to amplify word of mouth using social media. That’s when I formulated my research-backed approach to social media marketing (that I had the honour of presenting at the World Public Relations Forum). It’s how I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives like you tell their story and create meaningful online communities. Get noticed among the competition and build trust while growing your business and engaging your audience online.

Now I’m ready to share my exact formula for success to help you create a social media strategy that will crush your goals and achieve real business results.

I was so impressed with how much Jennifer knew, especially relating to her research in viral content. This is not some dime a dozen, entry-level ‘expert’ in social media. Jennifer is the real deal, engaging and relevant with a solid academic background. Thank you so much!