Are you positive that social media can grow your business but you still haven’t figured out how to get the best results? Does keeping up with all the complex algorithm changes and non-stop platform updates make your head spin? How to build a social media strategy is exactly what I’ll cover in my Honey Social Media Training Workshop, where my goal is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to push your social media marketing and business goals forward. Right now, anyone—regardless of age, location, experience, or background—can master social media marketing. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s growing their business, a creator who wants to build their brand, or a team that needs social media training, this customized workshop caters to every skill level. Now’s the time to get started. 

Work book, how to create a social media strateg & group of participants at Honey Social Media Training Workshop

After 10+ years of creating social media marketing strategies and managing accounts for large-scale events, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and creatives I’ve figured out exactly how to create a social media strategy that saves time, money, and gets the best results. I’ll walk you through my proven, research-based approach and provide you with a step-by-step guide to get more followers and create engaging content that moves your audience to action. Quench your thirst for learning with a customized Honey Social Media Training Workshop and see why it’s helped dozens of brands take their social media marketing to the next level. You’ll also get access to my social-media strategy building worksheet and all of my tips, tactics, and secrets so you can grow your business or brand using social media marketing.

What you’ll learn:

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  • How to create or improve your social media strategy
  • How to write posts and create content that gets noticed
  • How to save time and create posts on a busy schedule
  • The best content to post per channel
  • How to beat the algorithms and maximize your reach
  • How to optimize and measure results and track social media ROI
  • How to build an engaged community of followers
  • How to uncover who your audience really is and what they value
  • How to get the most out of working with influencers
  • How to use hashtags effectively

Glowing reviews from past participants:

I really can’t say enough great things about this workshop. Jennifer is a knowledgeable, warm, and engaging presenter who worked through all the material clearly and with enough time to take questions. I found her style to be both approachable and authoritative on what can be very confusing information – she really helped clarify how this information can be used strategically towards our needs. I loved the worksheet. Very useful tool. Great workshop! I would totally recommend it to others!

Jennifer was thorough and engaging throughout. It was nice to have examples of what she thought would be helpful for our organization. The audience profiling information and the influencer section were particularly interesting.

As someone who has a pretty good understanding of social media, there were a lot of things I will take away from this workshop.

I’ve been to a lot of workshops where the content flew over the majority of the group’s head and rather than slowing down to make sure everyone was getting some kind of value from the workshop facilitator left the majority of the group behind. I don’t think anyone who attended Jennifer’s workshop can say they didn’t walk away with something.

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