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Should your business be on TikTok?

It’s a question I get asked a lot as a Social Media Strategist. More than a hotspot for tween dance trends, the platform has become one of the most popular social media channels having grown to over a billion active users in 2023. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your brand. Before adding another channel to your social media strategy, think about your audience, why they’re on TikTok, and the content they’ll connect with. Need some social media advice to get started? Let’s dive in.

Can TikTok help you reach the right audience?

If you’re a small business, you may not have the budget to reach every single person … and that’s ok. Start with your ideal customer, the person who is most likely to buy what you’re selling. Most Canadian TikTok users (43%)  are between 18-29 years old and 33% are 30-39 years old. Only 13% of 40-49-year-olds and 11% of 50-64-year-olds use TikTok in Canada. The fastest-growing TikTok age group is 25 to 34. Is your target audience between 18-34? It may be worthwhile to consider TikTok as a channel to reach them. 

Why are your potential customers on TikTok?

People are growing tired of overly produced, manicured content, they want relatability. TikTok provides them with honest, unfiltered content experiences, entertainment, and a spark of creativity. It’s an entertaining platform which can inspire audiences to shop because people are 17x more likely to take action when they’re happy. Most TikTok users look for product reviews (83%), which is likely why the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has exploded with billions of mentions. If you’re selling a product it’s a great place for new people to discover it. If you offer a service, consider how TikTok can help you demonstrate your expertise. Highlight what differentiates you from your competition to encourage audiences to connect with you.

What kind of content should your business post?

Before creating the TikTok strategy for PC Financial, I met with the Creative Strategy Lead at TikTok Canada. Here are some of the tips we discussed:

1. Don’t jump on every trend.

Crafting good content is about understanding your audience and being of service to them. Think about your potential customers as people. What are their goals, their challenges, and how does your brand help them? Focus 75-80% of your content on the value or benefit your product/service will bring to their lives. Then dedicate another 15% of your content strategy to trending content. Look for audio and visual trends that connect with your brand authentically. Don’t force it, and don’t jump on every single trend for the sake of posting. Choose intentionally to insert your brand into the right conversations in an authentic way. You’ll reach larger audiences with content that resonates as a result.

2. Shorter isn’t always better.

TikTok’s algorithm favours content that’s viewed through to completion. But shorter isn’t always better. If your video is less than 6 seconds long, it won’t qualify for TikTok’s For You Page. The For You Page is the first thing people see when they open the app. Powered by a recommendation system, it delivers content to each user based on their unique interests. If your content makes it to a user’s For You Page, they’re likely already primed to be interested. That means they’re more likely to connect with your brand. The ideal length of a TikTok video is 15-27 seconds long. If you’re sharing expert or educational content, speak at a faster cadence. This will encourage 100% video completion and inspire more people to rewatch your content.

3. Be creative and have fun.

Consider hiring an experienced Social Media Strategist (like me!) to help you create powerful content for your brand. Need help with your social media strategy? Book your free consultation!

To test the waters a bit yourself, start by creating a list of frequently asked questions from your customers. Think about recurring themes surrounding your product or service. Then use them as a way to highlight your value proposition and how your business helps. You can even post on another social media channel where you have more followers. Let them know your brand is now on TikTok. Ask them what kind of content they want to see to encourage engagement and inspire participation.

Think about how you can creatively visualize your ideas through video content. It’s ok if you don’t feel comfortable being on camera. You can start by filming content from your point-of-view or POV content with text overlays or voiceovers. Don’t worry about how polished it looks. While it should be on brand, remember that TikTok is all about being authentic, being creative, and having fun!


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